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MeshUp is the first real volume modeler for meshes. This stand alone product, which will run on Windows, OS X and Linux, will help any creator make sure their models are always ready for 3D printing.


• Mix meshes
Make one or two-side shells and combine it with microstructures
Fix STL and mesh files
• Create slices to go directly to 3D printing





Mesh Mixing

Create new objects by remixing any number of meshes and parts of meshes, or combining meshes with native MeshUp or Symvol models, without having to worry about vertices and polygons.
Shelling and Microstructure

Make a one or two-sided shell volume, then combine it with microstructures to create lightweight yet structural object for 3D printing.This shelling feature also means that you can convert ANY mesh into a volume - even meshes that do not represent any kind of solid object (a.k.a. polygon soup).

STL and Mesh Repair

Repair holes and other defects with your meshes either to prep your model for 3D printing, or to make it easier to convert the mesh into a volume object. Choose between a typical flat repair or the new rounded repair from Uformia, that acts more like smooth putty or clay when fixing a model.

Direct Fabrication and 3D Printing

Output watertight STL files, or even better take advantage of direct manufacturing by using vector or image slice data at the resolution of the 3D printer. Currently not all printers take direct slice data, but we are working with manufacturers to allow for direct heterogeneous fabrication - letting designers do things that are currently not possible, due to the limitations with STL.


Minimal Hardware Requirements

Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz or better
(more cores equals better performance)
500 MB free disk space for installation
Modern graphics card (1024x768), OpenGL compatible
Recommended Hardware Requirements

Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz or better
(more cores equals better performance)
500 MB free disk space for installation
Modern graphics card (1024x768), OpenGL compatible


MeshUp versus Symvol

MeshUp is a stand alone application. Our current product is called Symvol for Rhino, which is a plugin to the existing modeling package Rhinoceros. This plugin does offer much of the same features as MeshUp, the difference is you must have a copy of Rhino to use Symvol for Rhino.

Both these products are based our own completely new geometric API, called Symvol. Symvol is what drives all our products, both now and in the future. Symvol for Rhino and MeshUp are just the beginning of the feature possibilities of our API.


MeshUp backers!!

David Gaipa, Kris Iverson, Alexander Pasko, James P Walker, John Barlow, Emeka Okafor, Einar Hamnvik, Remi D. Finjord, Joe Fortunato, Willard Korfhage, stephen warren, Glenn Jay Adams, Chris Savage, Tor Petter Christensen, Xavi, Wah Kwan Nam, Andrea Lira, polyoptics, Craig Dunn, Deepak Mehta, Formlabs, willingtotry, Renato, Anna Sophia Schenk, Hans Christian Gjøvik, jensa, solids2go, Al Lee, Martin Gibson, Bård Hall, Charles Alvis, james casey, Low Peng Siang, Tim Sharples, Molten Plastic, Luke Porter, Adjunct Engineering LLC, Michael Buffington, Ian Johnson, GatorALLin, David Jones, Andy Russell, Brett, David Perry, Rudi Steffensen, CtrlP3D, Paradogmatic, richard hagen, Florian Horsch, Mathieu Sanchez, Jim Colleran, adrian, Frank Oxener, Bruce Becker, Stephen Murphy, oliver, Patrick Dettmann D'appollonio Vega, Chris Kopack, Grant Lindsay, Kacie, Steve, Bob Houston, Pierre Lin, Jay Bryon, Luke Toop, Tyler Cohen, Jesse DePinto, Tuan TRANPHAM, Joe Rubinstein, David Schweikart, Erik de Bruijn & Ultimaker, mr_carl, Zak, andre ribuoli, JL, Thierry, Kasia Molga, Chad, RPB, daywalker, Louis-Martin Rivard, Cryolite, MarkS, Frankeno, Jens Meisner, Paul Finelt, dave park, Ian Carter, Brad Werth, Stuart Fingerhut, Christophe Schmitt, Martin Springer, Wieland Schmidt, francesco algostino, Michael Moussa, Marty, Leo, Richard Hay, Kjell Aage Rognli, Antonio Tirado, Lars Brenna, Per Petersson, Simon Stone, Manfred van der Voort, Robert, solardepths, MonkeyCat, Brian Brunswick, Pim Smets, Tara Panella, George Patrick Sand, Jon Davis, Travis Good, Mikie, Avi Bar-Zeev, Ratushebarl , Jason Wehmhoener, Leslie Karpas, Jakub Galczynski, Henry Segerman, Da3v, onward earthling, Jim Collinsworth, Val Blant, Dominic Halford, jacob hamman, Brandon Wilen, John (Ebo) David, Paulus Musters, C-0nline, David Merlin, takahiro matsuhira, Ryan Hungate, Brad Dickason, Sha Ali, Jukka Seppälä, jan habraken, Brett, Monty Goodson, SuM, Martin Galese, Cliffton B Hillmann, Alan McNeil, Carl Vilbrandt, Martin Lightheart, Daniel, Albert Kiefer, James H Daigle Jr, Benno Camenzind, Alexander Oster, Full Name.