About Uformia

Uformia makes software systems for volumetric 3D modeling of reality that will revolutionize computer aided modeling, design and manufacturing - fundamentally changing what is made, who makes it and how it is produced.
Innovation in the world of 3D modeling and digital fabrication!
Uformia is at the modeling forefront, creating unique 3D software that will solve many of the problems of today's software, especially in the field of digital fabrication or 3D printing. Using bio-polymers, human cells and 3D printers, it is already possible today to fabricate human body parts such as bones. Every day objects can also be printed in 3D, such as jewelry, dishes and toys. The science fiction of 20 years ago is now fact, however what is missing in this 3D printing revolution is the right software. Uformia has developed a new technology, Digital Materialization, that is sophisticated enough to use for designing and fabricating things such as micro-structures and body parts while being easy enough for a hobbyist to use. Uformia is creating a new generation of design tools that will open new markets and undeveloped users communities.